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blue Color Changing Masks

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Why choose our Color-Changing mask?

  1. We all have to wear masks these days... You might as well be the only one on the block with a breath-activated color-changing mask brought right back from the 80's!
  2. You're supporting a small family business.
  3. Masks are shipped quickly directly from the USA!
  4. Perfect for all seasons.
  5. Soft and comfortable.
  6. Great for running, fishing, hiking, climbing, traveling, walking, cycling, motorcycling, and other outdoor sports.

Color-Changing Mask Features:

  • Blue to Green color-changing fabric will appear blue when cool but will change to green when touched or heated at the point of contact. Orange to Yellow color-changing fabric will appear orange when cool but will change to yellow when touched or heated at the point of contact.
  • With an adjustable drawstring on the back, you can adjust the size to fit your face perfectly. One size fits all.
  • Features a small zippered pocket that securely fits cash and cards.
  • This fabric is made from 100% jersey cotton.


Based on 12 reviews
Mar 6, 2021
Fun, rapid color change from orange to yellow. It’s also a nice sturdy mask: 2 layers of good, thick cotton fabric. Very nice
Cynthia Gentilcore
Mar 6, 2021
So much fun! Can’t wait to wear it to work my students will love it. Super soft and great fit!
Lauren Frederick
Feb 2, 2021
I was so happy with this product when I opened the box! It is super soft and light weight. I was looking for a neck scarf to use as a face mask as I wanted something I could keep around my neck instead of taking a face mask on and off all the time. This is light weight and very breathable. I highly recommend this product!
Kathleen Lockwood
Mar 6, 2021
Very soft and comfy... The color changing is AMAZING!! Card pocket really is handy too!!
Kendra Greiner
Feb 2, 2021
I bought this one specifically for my 3 year old to wear to the park this summer since it has the draw string on the back and I couldn't be happier! It adjusts perfectly to her head! Don't bother buying kids sized from other companies cuz they don't fit! If your looking for one for your small child this it!! So happy we will both be able to stay nice and cool with these this summer!
Tara B.
Feb 2, 2021
So with everyone giving in to liberal hysteria, I purchased one of these (the perdy blue one that turns green when I breath on it) to appease the masses...and immediately purchased others for the offspring. They’re SUPER pretty, breathable, and adjustable. The reviews saying it bruised them...I have no idea how the hell that could even have been a thing. These are awesome, and inexpensive. I haven’t washed it yet but I’ll update when I do. :)
Feb 2, 2021
A friend recommended I try this as an alternative to the regular cloth or surgical masks and it really is convenient. You can wear it around your neck when you don't need it on, and then just pull it up when you need it. I have a small face and most regular masks are too big for me, but the elastic is adjustable to any size so I have no problems with fit. The color changing effect turns a lot of heads! It's more breathable than a lot of cloth masks and easier to take on and off when you're out doing stuff.
Feb 2, 2021
Alright guys. Literally every single gaiter I have bought and tried has always been to big and will NOT stay up on my face... even if I pull it halfway up the back of my head. But THIS ONE is perfect!!! It has the adjustable band so you can make it as tight or as loose as you want and it doesn't budge! The ends are also not frayed like some other brands I've tried- these are hemmed! Cool to the touch fabric, very breathable, and also retains a decent amount of warmth. This thing is great guys for real. I can finally have the back of the gaiter rest on my neck/base of my hairline and have the front part actually up on my face!
Rachel Young
Mar 6, 2021
I love this mask!!! Reminds me of T-shirts I had as a kid!
Rachelle Venzke
Mar 6, 2021
This mask is so cool and unique!! Totally reminiscent of the hypercolor days of the 80s! I love it so much..
Richard R.
Mar 6, 2021
SUCH a cool mask! I bought this for my son-in-law as a stocking stuffer, and I’m tempted to keep it for myself! Reminds me of the coloring changing shirts from the 90’s.
Michael J.
Mar 6, 2021
I LOVE this mask. Of all the masks I’ve tried this is the most comfortable & easy to breathe in. I love how adjustable it is. Super cool. Shipping was super fast and the seller was friendly. I’m hoping for a restock soon so I can get one for my husband! Thank you so much!